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Hi, I’m Debi. I discovered e-commerce, selling on-line, almost by chance. I was looking for a new direction after heading large teams in hi-tech for 25 years. My son’s wedding was coming up, and I couldn’t find the turquoise ties and socks locally, to match my Ascot hat. So I went to eBay and started looking for them. Lo and behold, I was getting ads for courses on how to make a living selling on eBay. One of them piqued my curiosity, and after listening to a 2-minute video, I was hooked. It was JUST what I had been looking for. From eBay I moved to Amazon, seeing the potential for increased profits and a higher return on investment for my time. And now, if I wake up in the middle of the night, I sneak off to my computer to see what I’ve just sold. Healthier than a midnight snack.

My passion is teaching and mentoring, of which I have years of experience. I’m here to shorten your learning curve, help you see results quickly, and teach you to enjoy selling. I’m a teacher who brags when my students are even more successful than I am.

I can’t wait to brag about you.