Harness the Power of Selling Replenishable Inventory on Amazon

Learn how my students sold more than $100,000 on Amazon with replenishables within a year.

* Even if you’ve already got great sales and profit

* Even if you have plenty of suppliers in China, India, Vietnam etc.

* Especially if the shipping costs from your suppliers are killing your profit, and the breakdown in supply chain is causing you big delays

* If you’re continually worried that your suppliers will sell your designs or products to other sellers (or even sell them themselves!)

* And if you’d like to try another type of profitable sourcing that will bring you fast sales 

Selling on Amazon is exhilarating — but hard.

When I first started selling on Amazon, I focused on online arbitrage — buying low and selling high.

I loved the thrill of the chase, finding products at $10 – $12 and reselling them on Amazon for $45 – $50.

My return on investment (ROI) was great, but I kept running into the same problem: I was only able to sell a few of each item, because the retailer sold out at the low price and I couldn’t source more.

so what about private label?

My next foray into selling on Amazon was private label.

It seems that nearly every course about selling on Amazon teaches private label, so I’m assuming that your success has been from your own brand.

My experience, which you might have had too, is that it takes quite a long time to decide what you want to source, get samples, decide how to create your own brand, do the manufacturing, and then get the products shipped to Amazon. In addition, your investment per product is probably in the $1000s, and although your profit can be fabulous, there will always be some products that fail.

With more and more Chinese sellers on Amazon, and the crazy hike in shipping fees, you may be wondering whether it wouldn’t be easier to try something else. 

That's why I created the

Replens Course for (Experienced) International Sellers

In the Replens Course for Experienced International Sellers you will learn my successful method for easily and quickly adding more products to your Amazon store, by finding and reselling Replenishable Inventory (otherwise known as “Replens”) .

This 3 month course meets once a week (twice a week in the beginning), from 8-10pm, over zoom, with recordings available, and with time to implement and get feedback in real time. The classes will be packed with live examples, and there will be plenty of time for questions and answers.

You will learn:

  • What replens are and why they are a great addition to your already successful business
  • The right mindset to find replens
  • The tools and techniques you need to find profitable replens, and not just run after deals (although we like those too!)
  • How to grow your replens business month after month, and not just in Q4!
  • How to do all this from the comfort of your own home — from outside the United States
The course investment is:

2997 NIS + VAT

Plus at least $2000 (preferably more) for buying inventory
Starting date: 20th March 2022

Client story

S.H. is a mother of 8 who was already running an unrelated business. She started her Amazon journey in July 2020, having never sold anything online before.

Her results after just 5 months:

$11,000 in sales in 30 days — and over $12,000 just a week later!

screenshot of client success in amazon

In 2021, S.H. made nearly $400,000 in sales.

Her profit margin is about 20%, so that’s around $80,000 in profit in the past year.

That’s with being a mom, running another business, and dealing with, you know, a world-wide pandemic and supply chain issues.

(*Note: S.H.’s results are not typical of all sellers)

What S. said about her experience.

I started selling on Amazon at the beginning of Covid when my “real life” business slowed down. I was hoping to make some extra money to replace the missing income. A year and a half later, I’m selling approximately $60K/month and phasing out my old business because my income from Amazon is WAY more profitable! Debi was and continues to be a fantastic teacher. She imparts the information with such clarity, it doesn’t take long for a ‘newbie’ to be able to make meaningful strides. Thank you, Debi!

Hi, I'm Debi.

I discovered e-commerce by accident, after leading large high-tech teams for 25 years.

My son’s wedding was on the doorstep, and I couldn’t find the turquoise ties and socks that matched my Ascot hat.

So I went to eBay and started looking for them.

And suddenly, I started getting ads for courses on how to make a living by selling on ebay.

One of them piqued my curiosity, and after listening to a 2 minute video, I was hooked. This was exactly what I was looking for.

From eBay I switched to Amazon, as I saw the potential for increasing profits and a higher return on investment for my time.

And now, if I wake up in the middle of the night, I sneak into the computer to see what I just sold.

Healthier than a midnight snack!

I'm here to shorten your learning curve, help you see results quickly and teach you to enjoy your sales.

I'm that teacher who brags when my students are even more successful than I am.

Speaking of sales, I don't just teach, I DO:

screenshot of amazon sales showing $30,106.68 in the past 30 days

What you'll learn in The Replens Course

  • Introduction: What are Replens and why they are the basis of this course
  • The power of Keepa: the most under-utilized tool in an Amazon seller’s toolbox
  • Manual sourcing and Reverse sourcing: the basics of finding profitable replens
  • Tools and extensions: the best Chrome extensions and 3rd party software for Amazon sellers
  • Tactical Arbitrage: the software that does manual and reverse sourcing on steroids
  • The whole process: from sourcing all the way through to tracking your profits
  • How to make it work from outside the United States
  • Hazmat, Meltables and other restrictions: what they are and how to get yourself unrestricted
  • Goals and the financials: how to create your Amazon sales and profit goals, and how to reach them

Extra bonuses

OA Highlight (Lifetime Access)

Ungating Guides

Replens Tracking Sheet

1 Year Free Access to ASINGadget

1 Month Free Q&A Support after the Course

My guarantee to you

I am confident you will not only enjoy this live course, but also learn a lot and make back your time and money investment quickly.

If, for whatever reason, you are not happy with The Replens Course, you may request a refund within 30 days of starting the course, and I will refund you in full, no questions asked.

Course investment: 2997 NIS + VAT

Plus at least $2000 (preferably more) for buying inventory
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The Replens Course for Experienced International Sellers


1. Can I pay in installments?
Absolutely. You can pay in up to 3 installments (there may be a small additional charge for installments)

2. I’m an experienced Amazon seller. Is this course right for me?
Definitely. If you haven’t experienced sourcing for replenishables, this course will be a great addition to your current sourcing and sales.

3. I’ve never sold anything on Amazon before. Is this course right for me?
No, this course is not for you, it is for experienced Amazon sellers. 
You should click here to book a complimentary chat for details of how to begin this exciting journey

4. How much money do I need to buy inventory?
You should plan to start off with a minimum of $2000.
However, if you are able to invest more, you will grow your Amazon replens business faster. 

5. What happens if I can’t attend the live classes?
All of the classes will be recorded and be available in the course facebook group, and the content will be yours for ever. 

6. What happens after the course? Will I be able to get support?
Great question! One of the bonuses is 1 month of free Q&A support after the course ends. In addition there will be VIP support packages available.

7. I have some more questions, how can I get the answers?
For any other questions, please contact us at: replens_questions@debi-z.comN