Harness the Power of Selling Replenishable Inventory on Amazon

Learn the skills you need to make money on Amazon.

My guarantee to you

I am confident you will not only enjoy this live course, but also learn a lot and make back your time and money investment quickly.

If, for whatever reason, you are not happy with The Replens Course, you may request a refund within the first 30 days of starting the course, and I will refund you in full, no questions asked.

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Starting date: 8th August 2022

The Replens Course

  • Develop the right mindset to find replens
  • Learn the basics of finding profitable replens - Product Sourcing, Reverse Sourcing
  • How to make it work from outside the USA - VPNs, Credit Cards, etc.
  • Advanced Tools and Techniques: Keepa, Revseller/SellerAMP, Tactical Arbitrage, Tactical Expander, Tactical Bucket, and additional tools and techniques
  • Create monthly business growth
  • Live Weekly Sessions
  • On-line Support, Questions and Answers
 Minimum recommended investment for inventory: $1000


1. Can I pay in installments?
Absolutely. You can pay in up to 3 installments (there may be a small additional charge for installments)

2. I’m an experienced Amazon seller. Is this course right for me?
Definitely. If you haven’t experienced sourcing for replenishables, this course will be a great addition to your current sourcing and sales. However, you can skip the Introductory module, and jump straight into the Replens course.

3. I’ve never sold anything on Amazon before. Is this course right for me?
Absolutely. This course has been designed specially with you in mind. 

4. How much money do I need to buy inventory?
You can start off with a minimal amount of $1000.
However, if you are able to invest more, you will grow your Amazon business faster. 

5. What happens if I can’t attend the live classes?
All of the classes will be recorded and be available in the course facebook group (or other platform), and the content will be yours for ever. 

6. Aren’t there already too many people selling on Amazon? Is it too late to start?
On the contrary. The number of products being sold on Amazon is growing much faster than the number of sellers.
In addition, on-line sales have grown hugely during the Covid pandemic, and so many more people are buying online.
And last but not least, online sales in the USA are less than 20% of all retail sales, with about 1/2 of them being from Amazon, so there is plenty of scope for growth. 

7. Am I guaranteed to make a profit if I follow what you teach me?
Nothing is guaranteed, especially with Amazon. However, if you follow my techniques and tools, and put in the work with at least the minimum investment in inventory, you will see profit. One of the sessions in the full course will be about how to set realistic income and profit goals and how to reach them.

8. What happens after the course? Will I be able to get support?
Great question! One of the bonuses is 1 month of free Q&A support after the course ends. In addition there will be VIP support packages available.

9. I have some more questions, how can I get the answers?
For any other questions, you’re welcome to set up time to chat with me: Click here to set up an Introductory Call with Debi

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