Create Your Amazon / eBay Presence

Increase your sales by creating an Amazon and/or eBay Store

If you are a retail company, selling your products in brick and mortar stores, via distributors and/or via your own on-line store, we invite you to increase your sales by creating an Amazon store or eBay store.

We have experience creating both Amazon and eBay stores and listings. 

We start by doing market research, to see what the competition, sales possibilities, and trends are for your products. This can include opportunities in International marketplaces, if you so desire. Market research may include both Amazon and eBay, in order to evaluate which is better suited to your products.

Once we’ve discussed the market research results with you, we will create a customized plan of action, to create your store and listings. 
Some of the activities we provide will be:

  • Create titles including keywords that convert

  • Create the copy of your listings so that prospective buyers can easily see the benefits of your products

  • Include professional photos in your listings

  • Run campaigns to bring buyers to your listings

  • Create enhanced brand content (if relevant)


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