Ecommerce Bronze Workshop©

Debi Zylbermann’s Ecommerce Bronze Workshop© gives you a comprehensive overview of the different types of Ecommerce platforms, so that you can envisage your on-line future.

Included in the Ecommerce Bronze Workshop©:

  • An overview of selling on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, Your Own Website, and Social Media
  • How each platform works
  • What you can sell on each platform
  • The Pros and Cons of each platform
  • Fees and Promotions
  • Market Research on Ebay and Amazon
  • Overview of the tools you will need


  • Two 1-on-1 sessions with Debi, where you will examine your needs and aspirations, give you clarity, and create a tailored program to get you started on your ecommerce journey.

Price – 750 NIS + VAT / $199 US 


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