After 25 years in Hi-Tech, and 4 years promoting websites on Google using SEO, I opened my eCommerce business in 2014, selling collectibles and antiques on EBay and Etsy. A year later, I started selling products on Amazon, using the Private Label, Arbitrage and Wholesale methodologies. 

Since then I have trained, consulted and supported individuals and companies to sell on these platforms, and have created eBay and Amazon stores and listings from scratch for brands that would like to increase their sales base and reach.

If you are interested in learning how to sell on these huge platforms, or own a business selling physical products, and want to branch out to EBay and/or Amazon, I’d be happy to discuss my training and consulting vision.

If you already have an Amazon or EBay store, and wish to improve your sales, I will work with you to understand your “Pain Points” and to customize a plan of action for your listings or stores.